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Eerettu Padhinaru is an interesting song. You will know it when you listen to it but I was trying to find the scene that leads to this song. I was guessing that they might not have picturised the song and my guess was right.

The song starts with an amazing bass guitar and with western techno orchestration, Mano starts singing. But the first interlude suddenly shifts to a perfect carnatic composition in Sri Ranjani raga and from the second interlude the orchestration shifts to a more Hindustani tone in the same raaga. All of them without even a glitch or jarring. In one song, you get to see the different shades of a raaga in three different styles.

Day 362/365

Song: Eerettu Padhinaru
Movie: Raaja Raajatjhan (1989)
Singers: Mano, S Janaki
Lyricist: Vaali
Actors: Ramarajan, Gouthami
Director: E Ramadoss

Yesterday, I had said that I have already posted Punnaivana Kuyile from Muthu Kaalai. I remembered there was another song that started with the same word.

Sevvanthi was the last directorial venture of cinematographer PS Nivas (who died earlier this year) with newcomers Sandhana Pandian and Sreeja. Needless to say, the movie failed and the songs went unnoticed.

The song is backed by a tabla rhythm. The first interlude has this beautiful strings and flute intermingling. Swarnalatha joins Arunmozhi only in the fag end of the first charanam. The second charanam though has an amazing mandolin solo at the start then taken over by strings to complete the interlude.

Day 361/365

Song: Punnaivana Poonguyile
Movie: Sevvanthi (1994)
Singers: Arunmozhi, Swarnalatha
Lyricist: N/A
Actors: Sandhana Pandian, Swarnalatha
Director: PS Nivas

Audio Version

Video Version

Muthu Kaalai was made after Ponnumani’s success with Karthik and Soundarya. I have already posted a song from the movie in season 1. The song that I have chosen today is pretty interesting.

A slow folk song with a beautiful rhythm and with western classical interludes the song is a typical Ilaiyaraaja genre. The song starts with a beautiful harmony from female chorus and moves on to the rhythm with SPB singing the pallavi. Don’t miss the flute and strings in the interlude along with the guitar.

A special mention to Vaali’s lyrics.

Day 360/365

Song: Andha Kanji Kalayatha
Movie: Muthu Kaalai (1995)
Singers: SP Balasubrahmanyam, S Janaki
Lyricist: Vaali
Actors: Karthik, Soundarya
Director: Gokul Krishna

Audio version

Video Version

Andhappuram (Antahpuram) is a Tamil-Telugu bilingual movie that had Soundarya in the lead. Jagapati Babu played an important role in Telugu and that part alone was reshot in Tamil with Parthiban. The other parts were dubbed from Telugu to Tamil.

The movie had some interesting songs and the one that I have chosen today is a duet (not in the traditonal sense). The male voice is used only for humming or as an accompanying filler. There is a similar song with Asha Bhonsle in Meera. Although not credted, Ilaiyaraaja has provided the male voice. The song is mostly synth based.

Day 359/365

Song: Azhage Un Mugam/ Asalem
Movie: Andhappuram (1998)
Singers: KS Chithra, Ilaiyaraaja
Lyricist: Sri Vennela Sitaramasastri (Telugu)/
Actors: Soundary, Sai Kumar
Director: Krishna Vamsi

Telugu Version

Tamil Version

I think I have yapped enough about Ponmegalai in an earlier post this season. I thought I should introduce one more beautiful song from the movie — a female duet between Sadhana Sargam and Bhavatharini.

The song is picturised on two sisters and their life. One is a bharathanatyam dancer and the other a painter. The song starts with a beautiful humming from both Sadhana and Bhavatahrini with piano in the background. The song is backed by synth beats backed by bass lines. The interludes are ensemble of strings , piano, guitar and synth. The song has beautiful lyrics that shows the love of sisterhood.

Day 357/365

Song: Aalapanai Seiyum
Movie: Ponmegalai
Singers: Sadhana Sargam, Bhavatharini
Lyricist: Muthulingam
Actors: Nithya Das, Anusha
Director: Sakthi Chithran

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